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Maintenance service of "New Hydrosystems" pumping equipment is one of the priority activities of the company. Taking into account the interests of consumers, a large fleet of products and increasing of their technical complexity, the "New Hydrosystems" company is ready at any time to provide a full range of services for all products.

Qualified specialists of our company can conduct training of maintenance personnel on the technical base of the customer (during the commissioning of the pre-commissioning) or at the manufacturer's enterprise. All New Hydrosystem products come with a manufacturer's warranty. The specialists of the service department travel to the facility where the equipment is used, for servicing and troubleshooting and inspection for manufacturing defects.

To ensure the uninterrupted operation of the equipment under the NGS trademark, our company provides logistic support services to the customer. Within the framework of material and technical support, "New Hydrosystems" offers the selection and supply of spare parts and sets of spare parts and accessories, consumables. We supply our customers only with original spare parts and consumables recommended by the main components manufacturers.

If necessary, we are ready to supply spare parts from the warehouse.

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