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LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY NEW HYDROSYSTEMS is a production company manufacturing and supplying a wide range of industrial pumping equipment for various industries, power, water, housing and utility sectors.   

Our company was established in 2004 and started its operation from providing Russian industrial enterprises and foreign customers with the pumping equipment. As a result of the fruitful cooperation of our technical specialists and the experts of the leading enterprises, an idea to create our own production occurred. This gave us a remarkable opportunity to manufacture the most complete list of products taking into account individual customers’ needs and preferences.

Company “NEW HYDROSYSTEMS” LLC manufactures:

  • Horizontal and vertical D type pumps with the characteristics: capacity 1000 - 20500 m³/h; delivery head up to 190 m 
  • centrifugal pumps CN type: capacity 400 - 1850 m³/h, delivery head up to 200 m
  • slurry pumps series: AH(R); АНН; Z; ZGB; G; SP; SPR

  • submersible pumps PN type: capacity 100-1300 m³/h, delivery head 7-40 m

49.jpgIn contrast to other manufacturers in Russia and Ukraine, our company is particularly well-placed to produce pumps according to the drawings of European manufacturers with application of new technologies. This ensures that our products have high efficiency, less weight and increased service life. Also our company offers a diversity of materials used for manufacturing both details and cases of pumps: 

  • grey iron
  • malleable cast iron
  • 45# steel

Our company also is able to manufacture pumps in both horizontal and vertical versions. According to the customer’s request, the rotation direction of the rotor can be either right or left.

Considering a wide range of manufactured equipment, we can offer several types of pumps for one parameter, with different rotor speed, power consumption, and dimensions. This allows the customer to choose the pump that best suits his needs.

All products are provided with: declaration of conformity, quality certificates, technical passports, operating manuals

All products are produced under the NGS brand

The main asset of the company is a team of professionals. It is customary for us to set ambitious goals and achieve them. A responsible attitude to our business and reputation of the company, activity, aspiration to continuous.


  • understanding of business
  • professional skills
  • initiativity
  • responsibility for result
  • teamwork
  • self improvement

Our advantages:

  • we manufacture and supply products, according to special order, according to the customer's specification wishes
  • we carry out supervision and commissioning of equipment
  • we provide professional consulting services during the selection of equipment
  • we produce the entire list of necessary spare parts
  • we supply high-quality equipment in the shortest possible time